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When you travel you need the best information.Globally sourced, we analyse airfares in all classes of travel from the UK and Eire to the rest of the world.   You can save a fortune because we advise you where to buy your tickets and book your hotels.   We tell you the best deals and the agents to contact.   

Every day we research valuable information:-

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City hotels now offer confidential standby rates.

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The publishers of The Airfares Guide are constantly researching airfares. They receive notification of thousands of fares on a daily basis and they analyse them to see who has the cheapest fare on each route. They check with the relevant airlines that the fares are genuine and that the agent is ABTA, IATA or ATOL and is authorised to issue tickets at consol rates. They then compare rates and only publish the lowest fare. 

Return to Frankfurt £15

Zurich £15

Athens £20

New York £190

London – New York Business Class Return £1000

These are scheduled return fares with no minimum stay!


All airlines are discounting


British Airways, Cathay, United, Lufthansa. We publish discounted fares on nearly 200 carriers –

and they all put them through different consolidators.


Some Even offer upgrades. Now you know where to get them.

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 As you know, there are many deals in First and Business Class travel.

The Airfares Guide lists the amazing bargains for you. Have you ever sat in first class and found the person sitting next to you paid half your fare? Now you can find out how to do it yourself. Only 40% of first class passengers pay the full fare.

 Business trips often involve more than one destination. We also list the special deals available on these trips.

The publishers of The Airfares Guide have vast travel experience. Our detailed knowledge of airlines and agents gives us a unique insight. We identify ticket sources and before we publish, we verify them with airlines. We are not associated with any agent or airline so we can give you objective information.

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 For many companies, their business trips are relatively cheap because they use the  Hotel Guide. It is the insider’s guide to discount hotel rates and enables business travellers to stay in the top hotels of their choice for a fraction of the published price.

 Top Hotel prices start at over £200 per person per night. Now there is no need for you to pay that. 

these rates are in top European and American cities and are using exactly the same rooms as you currently use! Do you know where to get discounted Hilton, Inter-Continental, Sheraton?

 These rates are available because there are basically too many hotel bedrooms in most cities. In London, for example, it is estimated that there is 30% of space that is superfluous to requirements. So hotels have to bargain to fill the rooms.

 There are many companies who just are travel agents to book a room and accept the price. The agent is happy because he gets his commission. If he gets a lower rate, he gets less commission. The sophisticated traveller will not stand for that. He demands that he either stays in a top hotel at a fraction of the cost or at least upgrades from a small hotel to ensure that he is staying in the best a most prestigious hotel in town.

 The publishers of the Hotel Guide are in touch with thousands of hotels around the world. We are constantly finding the best rates. They also offer special deals via 1) booking agents 2) tour operators 3) airlines 4) clubs 5) trade missions 6) Corporate packages. We are researching them all the time. As a result, by using the Hotel Guide, you are in touch with suppliers of top

 You will a) save money or b) stay in a better class of hotel or c) feel better on the trip or d) make a trip that may not have seemed cost-effective.

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